E-FREIGHT Technology

Digital freight forwarding is the new standard for better operational management.
Visibility is a fundamental necessity in Freight Business service.

•    Visibility is not only a service for supply chain parties.

•    It’s not only for customer satisfaction.

•    It can also benefit the internal operation with efficiency, with auto alert in some critical point, reduce risk of unexpected cost.

What is iTrace

•    iTrace is intelligent Trace

•    E-Freight started the development since 2012

•    It’s a tool to help Forwarders maximize automation in Visibility service.

iTrace helps Visibility

1.   Completeness

2.   Accuracy

3.   Timely

4.   Automation for all modes

Importance of Automation in Visibility Processing

•    Better Data Quality

•    Lower Cost

•    Customer Satisfaction

o    Higher Manual Maintenance on Visibility

-    Higher Cost & Poor Quality

o    High Failure Rate

iTrace - Fetch Manifest Data Online

•    Fetch Manifest Data & Shipment Statuses

•    From Carrier Web Sites

•    Convert to a standard Format

Maximize Automation Processor

•    Intelligence Processing

•    Combine Carrier EDI Status (315 EDI or FSU) with iTrace fetched Data

•    Success Rate reaches 95% or moret

BI Daily Report for VIP Account – fully automated


•    Retrieve Status from multiple platforms

•    Improve the completeness of Shipment Status