E-FREIGHT Technology

EFT-ePortal provides visibility to all Shippers, Consignees, Agents and Trade Partners. Customers can view on-line all relevant Trade Data, including Shipment Milestones, in real-time. EFT-ePortal has full EDI capabilities, and can be integrated or customized with multiple systems at the client’s request.

Product Features and PO Visibility

Data Source Automation

• Synchronized with EFT-eCargo

• EDI with other B/L system

Carrier Linked

• Container status (315)

• Air shipment status from 3rd party

Customs Filing Status Linked


General Tracking

• No user name and password

• By House B/L or container number

Integration with eDoc

• User is able to download all types of electronic document

Query PO

• Full visibility

• Selection Criteria

• Priority, In-Transit, Close

Query Item

• Find shipment Items

Container Status Dashboard

• In-Transit Containers categorized into:

– At Origin, On Water

– Arrived, Discharged

– On Rail, Available

– Pickup/Delivered

Advance Tracking

• For major customer, agent

• User name & password required

• Query B/L, Container, PO

• Print Cargo Receipt

• major customer reports

• Container status analysis