E-FREIGHT Technology

Customs Filing

E-Freight is certified to file Advanced Manifest Data as required by US Customs,Canada Customs as well as Japan Customs. Compliance with Customs Regulations is crucial in minimizing risks and associated costs with international shipping. Non-Compliance of rules will entail Cargo Holds, Do Not Loads and Liquidated Damages (Penalties / Fines) that can far exceed any profit for a shipment. Customs Compliance should be treated as the top priority for any international shipment.

AES (Automatic Export System)

Back to the summer of 2000, US Customs was the first to implement any type of Customs B2G regulation, requiring all Freight Forwarders to file Export Declarations electronically from AES Web Link.

E-Freight was the first software vendor certified by US Customs.

E-Freight implemented AES Filing directly from our EFT-eCargo System.

We knew from the beginning, eliminating the double entry on AES System was very beneficial for our clients.

AMS (Automatic Manifest System - ACE M1)

E-Freight started AMS filing for our clients back in 2002, when AMS filings were first regulated post 9/11. We have a lot of experience helping clients strictly follow the 24 Hour regulation to eliminate Filing Errors and Penalties.

E-Freight provides a Data Editing Tool to ensure the accuracy of

Master B/L Number - match with Carrier’s MBL.

Accuracy of Container Number to avoid 2Z Hold at Discharge Port

Immediate alert for Do Not Load or other critical Messages.

ISF (Importer Security Filing)

E-Freight first implemented an ISF Filing system in 2009 when the ISF (10 + 2) Rule was first regulated by US CBP for Ocean Import shipments to US. Over the years, we have worked very closely with customers on operating procedures within the supply chain to be able to file the 10 + 2 data elements required by CBP in a timely and accurate manner.

Canada ACI - eManifest

E-Freight has established a direct connection to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and is able to file Advanced Manifest data from our system to both Canada ACI and eManifest systems. We allow users to choose which system to file to (ACI or eManifest) based on CBSA regulations. We monitor CBSA updates very closely and will adjust system and notify customers of any changes to look out for. More recent eManifest regulations require a more sophisticated processes and will have a larger impact on shipment procedures, so it is important for our system to reflect this and ensure customers are filing the proper data and taking proper steps for Canada Customs Compliance.

Japan - AFR

E-Freight has a direct connection to Japan Customs, Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated Systems (NACCS), for AFR Filing (Advance Filing Rules). The process for Advanced Manifest Filing for AFR varies in many ways to filing USA and Canada Customs, so it is very important that filers are trained on the rules and regulations for shipments to and via Japan. In addition to penalites / fines and cargo holds / seizures, compliance failures with AFR may also result in criminal charges. We cannot emphasize enough that Customs Compliance MUST be treated as the highest priority.

ACAS (Air Cargo Advance Screening)

ACAS (Air Cargo Advance Screening) is a joint effort between CBP and TSA to screen air cargo shipments inbound to the United States in order to further reduce the risk of terrorist attacks and raise air cargo supply chain security. E-Freight joined the pilot project for ACAS back in 2012 and was very prepared to help customers implement operating procedures ahead of the ACAS Program effective date of June 12 2018. We are very knowledgeable on the requirements and what is needed for ACAS Compliance.

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